Grainy VHS on low fi CASSETTES

All themes are taken straight from VHS tapes!!! Sound is pretty good and leveled all the same(both sides).



JAMIE GILLIS’S “BROWN ON EBONY” cassette layout. Running time: 18:31. Single sided dub on black chrome c-60  tapes. 

Early 90’s Gillis home movie featuring a black prostitute that Jamie verbal humiliates with racist remarks and adding insult to injury, pisses and shit’s on her in his bathtub.

Cleaned up and leveled the audio before slapping it onto cassette. See audio sample below. I’m looking into running off more tapes from this almost 2 hour video featuring different dialogue. 


GIALLO….KILLS! Hear 60 minutes of victims deaths from a slew of classic GIALLO’S. How much of the screaming, crying, and begging for ones life from the sadistic black glove and razor blade yielding psychopaths can you bear listen too?